A Birth Injury Attorney Can Help

Birth injuries—such as Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy—are usually permanent and crippling conditions that can be caused by various factors. Some birth injuries are not preventable, but others can be traced to medical malpractice. 
Birth Injury Attorney

Lawyers and doctors working together

The best way to find out whether your child’s birth injury was avoidable and whether to file a birth injury lawsuit is for an experienced birth injury lawyer to have records reviewed by medical professionals who can grasp the complex physiological relationship of a mother and her baby.

To get a fair assessment of the likely causes of your child’s birth injury, your lawyer must ascertain that the doctors who review your case are free of bias. One way to ensure that your case will be thoroughly and fairly reviewed for its medical and legal merit is to have an attorney who is experienced with birth injury lawsuits.

Staggering costs—financial and otherwise

The average family cannot begin to pay for the daily living and care, therapy and equipment needed by a child afflicted with a severe birth injury. It can reach millions of dollars. After a child reaches adulthood, the costs of his or her care is roughly $150,000 per year.

There is the loss of earnings, and perhaps worst of all, the pain, suffering and humiliation the birth injury victim must endure over the course of a lifetime.

The specialized care, therapy and the challenges of raising a birth-injury child involve vast expenditures of money. It requires an understanding of the condition, its limitations and demands.

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