January 12, 2007Birth injury suit in VA brings $1.8M award

A Virginia jury has awarded a mother and her child $1.8 million in a birth injury lawsuit against the doctor who delivered the baby. The award was the maximum allowable under state law.

The child, Twan Johnson, was born on August 2, 2004 at Chesapeake General Hospital. He suffered a brachial plexus injury affecting the nerves in his neck and arm. His mother, Venus Bowles, filed a birth injury lawsuit alleging that the doctor who delivered Twan pulled too hard on his head during delivery, which led to his brachial plexus injury.

According to one of the birth injury attorneys for Bowles and her son, the jury agreed with the allegations that Dr. Gregorio Uy caused Twan to suffer a birth injury. He says that Dr. Uy should have ordered a sonogram during the 38th week of the pregnancy, ordered a C-section and correctly dealt with problems that arose during the delivery process. A problem (known as dystocia) with Twan’s shoulder slowed his birth and caused the doctor to pull on the baby’s head during delivery.

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