Brain Damage

About one in every 1,000 deliveries in the United States results in a baby suffering brain injury. A doctor’s negligence during delivery often leads to a complication that causes the baby to have a damaged brain.

Common causes of brain damage during childbirth

Brain damage can result from a childbirth complication or medical malpractice during the delivery process. Here are a few common causes of brain damage during childbirth: bleeding inside the brain due to improper delivery, infection during pregnancy undetected by the doctor and lack of oxygen due to improper delivery. Birth injury lawyers can help you in this situation.

Some things are out of a doctor’s control, but if he failed to detect certain warning signs or to take preventative measures, complications can happen.

Another common cause of brain damage in newborns is low blood sugar. A doctor should test for neonatal hypoglycemia, reducing the chances of the child suffering brain damage.

Brain damage in a newborn profoundly alters the prospect of a healthy and prosperous life, but it can also lead to death.

Symptoms of brain-damaged babies

A few of indications that a baby may have suffered brain damage during the delivery process include: unusual or awkward positioning, slow development, vision and hearing problems.

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